Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On Being Positive

So now I’m in a place in my life—a season—where I’m not busy raising or educating my children. I’m involved with them, but they’re not the focus of my life. I’m not in a church. I’m too tired of the politics of church to fight my way into relationships with people, or settling for the “community” that’s offered only when you sign up for a committee. I want REAL community. It’s hard to find. I’m weary of looking and lonely without it. I’m not employed—by choice—but am unfulfilled by vacuuming and cooking lowfat, late night meals for two.

Now suddenly, I find myself thrust into a political struggle that grips my passions. It’s not a popular fight. It’s under the radar. It’s gargantuan, but it’s barely visible.

The solution seems obvious to most people: “Better safe than sorry” or “Then don’t fly.” Easily said. Until you’re the one singled out in an airport because someone became suspicious and turned you in to authorities. Who have no choice but to treat you like a horrific criminal first, clear you of all charges later, and leave you alone in a mud hole of humiliation. It’s unclear how many Americans are being treated this way right now because the liberal media doesn’t normally report these cases of abuse. And they’re becoming—God help us—more and more normal.

This morning I saw the link for MSNBC’s report (huge kudos to them) about a Jewish/Arabic American citizen housewife from Detroit who was pulled off a plane Sunday at gunpoint and strip searched because paranoid passengers on her Frontier flight saw her sitting next to two Indian males who didn’t even know each other.

My mouth is still dropped open, the tears still falling, my mind still reeling. What has happened to our country? Ten years after the towers fell, Sunday’s national memorials were devoid of spiritual leaders, firefighters or police—all purposely left off the invitation lists—while the president reminded people to observe the “Day of Service”. Suddenly we are being told to move on and forget the devastation of terrorism’s first strike, while at the same time being trained to become our own Big Brother to every stranger we see.

What a paradox.

Janet has unveiled new public service announcements promoting her campaign entitled, “See Something? Say Something.” Fabulous. If being seen is a crime, which was Shoshana Hebshi’s experience three days ago (, then we’re all screwed.

Or we’re all on the fast track to agoraphobia.

Despite how well these incidents are kept under wraps, thanks to the internet it’s easy to uncover more “isolated” incidents than the mind can comprehend. My mind's circuitry is on overload, threatening at any moment to reward me with my own personal rolling blackout.

Somewhere there has to be a way for this inexperienced, retired home educator, late bloomer Baby Boomer to make a difference in the fight to hang on to our constitutional freedoms from governmental harassment. Opting out on this front isn’t an option. It would be a death knell for our grandchildren.

How does one do the backstroke in a river of mud?

I see a lot of facebook friends struggling with the same issue of swimming in murky waters. Every day they post positive thinking encouragements. I can choose to be happy. I can forgive. I can have more character than the next guy. I can overcome all by my positive-thinking-self.

No, I can’t.

We used to have a red-headed beagle. When she was afraid, she stuck her head under the dust ruffle on our bed. Just her head. It wasn’t hard to find her unprotected rear end because it stuck out into the room for all to see. But she thought she was safe as long as she couldn’t see us.

I know Christ is the answer to living with hope in a country of chaos. But even Jesus spoke out sometimes. He got in the face of Pharisees and complimented them with the feel good phrase, “you brood of poisonous snakes.” He told them they were as alive and clean as “white washed tombs.” Sometimes He said nothing because silence speaks louder than words. But He never pulled punches in the face of evil. And still He was full of peace. And joy. And hope. And Life.

Excuse me. I gotta go. I suddenly remembered where I can find a Refuge. It’s not hiding under the bed. It’s in the Arms of the One Who sees everything I’m seeing. And is taking notes.

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. ~ Exodus 14:14

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