Thursday, October 6, 2011


God knows I prefer to stick my head in the sand.

The last thing I want to do is put my name out there for someone to attack. I hate confrontation. I can barely get through “devil’s advocate” debates without dissolving into tears. If I could just be passionate without being dramatic, confident without being emotional. I believe I am being rational, though I worry that others will accuse me of saying the sky is falling.

But I think the sky IS falling. The protective bubble of human rights, individual rights and constitutional rights is about to burst like the vaporous canopy that once covered the earth God created. Every culture on earth has a great flood story. The canopy above collapsed, the ground broke apart and it took a year before the waters receded.

Floods destroy.

I’m not just a hormonal, menopausal woman looking for a purpose in life who has decided to take on the TSA for a hobby. I’m a sensitive adult who couldn’t even watch a YouTube video last month showing a six-year-old being patted down in an airport.

My God. What has happened to parental rights? Who will protect the children? More than that, who will console and counsel them after the trauma?

We need heroes.

Where are the men who will protect their women and children? I heard a phrase used during “The Undefeated”, a documentary about the way Sarah Palin was ripped apart by the media and politicians when she ran with John McCain in his candidacy. Everyone stood back and let her take the hits. The men who could and should have stepped up to defend her but did not were called "eunuchs."

Long live Ignorance. So long, Chivalry.

Hang in there, Freedom.

A Hero may show up yet.

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