Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ducking Logic

Do you think, maybe, ducks can swim under water for hours?  And can hold their breaths for, practically, ever?  Like a whale or a squid or a fish? 
Maybe it sounds ridiculous, but  today I sat by the bay, watching a duck wash his hair, when he disappeared underwater and never surfaced. And I thought to myself, “Wasn’t there a duck there a minute ago?”
So I applied the education I received from prehistoric social media, i.e., newspapers, and used the scientific method to ascertain truth.  First, formulate a question, then hypothesize, predict, test and, finally, analyze. 
First, I formulated.  “Hey!  What happened to that duck?” 
Then, I hypothesized.  “Maybe some sneaky saltwater sea snake snatched him.” 
A logical prediction appeared.  “There ought to be some feathers floating up soon.”
I tested my brilliant hypothesis using the time honored method of—time. 
Finally, I analyzed the data.  “Nope.  I was wrong.”
Ergo, the scientific method works.  Sort of. 
'Cuz I still don’t know what happened to that duck.


  1. I think it swam underwater to the other side of the dock so that it could sneak up behind you and NIP you!

    1. Oh, no! Another animal I'll be afraid of now!