Sunday, August 26, 2012

Perils Of The Talking Pea

Once upon a time there was a car who lived on the earth, and this earth was spinning. 
And then the car went towards space and they skidoo-ed into a planet.  And the planet shut.  They thought it was a planet but, instead, it was a crab. And then they were stuck in there for days and days. 
As soon as they skidoo-ed to that crab, they were stuck in the planet.  It was a mean planet, and never let those people in the car go.
One day it opened, and the car ran out and then the planet shut and it couldn’t catch them. They were so fast that the car went off of the road and off the world.  They slide off of the earth and they slid to another planet!
Something was catching their eye.  Something was stuck to their eye.  It was gum.  Somebody had put gum on their eye!  Silly, silly, isn’t it guys?
And they were so exskited—they were in space! They liked space and they went out of that planet.  They skittered out.  They skidoo-ed out. 
Then they drove to the land of food and they picked a small grape and they ate it. They picked a tiny, tiny pea and then ate it.  It was a talking pea. And they were firefighters. They helped people and they saved the pea. And then the pea fell on the ground. Then they blowed it off.  Then they ate the talking pea.
Then they picked a giant cracker.  It was so big.  It was as big as a giant!  And they ate the whole thing.
They learned not to eat giant things because if they ate giant things they would get a tummy ache.  And they learned not to jump in food.

The End.

(As dictated to YaYa by four-year-old Allie and approved by two-year-old Juliet, with a few editorial changes.  Bloggers:  The Next Generation)

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