Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dichotomy At Dusk

Asked to create whatever this visual prompt inspires, the following is a little fiction drawn from this beautiful picture.

Mournful.  Obscure.  The vague glow of a hovel’s feeble light was, at first, diminished by its heavenly cousin in celestial display. While muted colors competed in melded beauty, the road less traveled appeared both welcoming and alarming.  Dichotomy at dusk.
I felt drawn by the boldly lit window, compelling me on with surprising allure.  Still, it was impossible to say if the road’s rise promised safety or obscured danger.  While the  rutted path to the beacon summoned, the disappearing boundary stirred caution in my soul.  How could I trust what I could not see?  Even the moon feigned weakness this night, its glow diffused by vaporous fog in a mottled sky.
I cursed the curiosity that led me too far down this path.  What’s wrong with the safety of security, anyway?  Who decided a comfort zone is uncomfortable? And why must I trade the familiarity of my surroundings in exchange for an uncharted road?
It seems I am always surrounded by dare devils and cheerleaders.  “Take a risk!” they cry.”  “Live til you die!” they admonish.  “Shut the hell up,” I want to say, but I am too afraid of offending.  I know in my heart, though, they’d just laugh at the outburst, delighted to stir up reaction from me.
And where are they now? I asked myself bitterly.  Full of advice, but nowhere in sight. I could run back to safety, but surely I’d find them there laughing at my failure.  “We knew you couldn’t do it!” they’d shout to my shame.
Suddenly this road seemed friendlier than the goading crowd behind me.  And though its secrets were sheltered, Hope urged me on in the dim light. Perhaps serenity, masquerading as loneliness, is a better companion than self absorbed chums.
Another step forward, my path somehow clearer, purpose took charge in my soul.
“This is my journey,” I thought confidently. “I’ll travel this way after all.”  I gathered my courage, forgiving curiosity, and as I followed the rise my taunters fell dismally silent.
That’s when I knew.  
All I need to walk alone in the dark is to follow the road that leads to the light.

(Photo by Anton Novoselov on Flickr)
With thanks to Liz Shaw for this story's inspiration through her writing prompt, http://www.thewritingreader.com/blog/2012/10/21/prompt-457-visual-prompt-of-the-week-moon-over-a-country-road/


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    1. Thanks for always inspiring and encouraging, Liz. I always love the creativity you offer us all from The Writing Reader! Love ya.