Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hush, Little Child

It was 1979.  A new album played on our new turntable and the lyrics made me cry.  The melody  haunting, the voice pure and strong, and before the year ended, I memorized the song.
It was 1981.  A babe in my arms.  His face sweet and delicate, his voice small but strong, and before the night ended I sang him the song.
Two short years later, another babe in my arms.  Her face soft and lovely, her voice pure and strong, and throughout the long nights, I sang her the song.
I sang it each evening as I turned off their lights, my voice strong and soothing, then I wished them good night.
Now it’s 2012. The children are grown.  In their arms now they each hold sweet babies, their own. They’ve heard that old song and request it each night, and my babies now sing as they hold their babes tight.
Just yesterday morning her two-year-old played beside the piano when I came to stay. Childish and lilting, the stuttered words clear, she sang—and I wept—as the song reached my ear.
Its melody haunting, still that sweet lullaby encircled my heart in the voice of her child.
Hush little child -- wipe that tear from your eye
Don't you be scared of the dark
For someone is watching to guard as you sleep
Protecting each moment you grow

Chorus:He'll take care of you, my darling, He loves you
He'll take care of you, my darling, for me
He'll take care of you and love you forever and ever
He'll take care of you, my darling, for me.

Moonlight casts shadows on warm summer nights
And the winter wind whispers through the whistling brush
There's no need to worry, He'll stay by your side
And nothing can touch you but love

Words & Music by David Meece 
Copyright 1979  Meece Music (admin by) WORD Music


  1. A cherished song with innumerable memories to filter through- some of my Mama, some of the two of you together. Very few people know or love that song, but for me it will always be the epitome of comfort and peace.

    1. I've always loved its melody, words and sweet message. And I love your sweet mama, my friend! Thanks for commenting here.