Monday, October 15, 2012

My Major Award

November 17, 2012.   I’m drawing a circle around that date.  It means two years have gone by.  Two years since I stepped out on the web and let people see what’s on my mind.
What was I thinking???
It’s the second anniversary of my View From The Winepress.  And guess what?  I got a Major Award this year!  It’s the Liebster Blog Award.  I was nominated for it by my friend and mentor, Liz, of The Writing Reader  ( because I run a blog which currently has fewer than 200 followers.  Getting this award means the nominator thinks more people should read my stuff. 
So, thanks, Liz!  I’ve never received a Major Award before!  Well, except for that free hot dog lunch I won in first grade for a PTA poster I drew.  It was a pretty good poster.  And a pretty good hot dog.
But there’s a tiny little catch—I gotta share the love.  I have to nominate five other up and coming blogs for their own Liebster.   
This is turning out to be harder than it sounds. I found four, but I’m having trouble finding one more.  Most of the blogs I enjoy have already made the big time.  Others haven’t been updated in two years.  Some are photo albums with no writing. Many use their freedom of speech a little too freely for me to recommend.
I was going to nominate one lady until I saw she’s already received the Liebster, and is stuck trying to find a fifth writer herself. She actually posted a want ad for any blogger who wants to get a free award.  I’d apply, but I don’t need to.
I’m starting to feel some pressure to get this thing wrapped up. Liz told me she’s about to take back my Liebster if I don’t pass it on soon. I don’t think she can really do that, though.  I’ve already tattooed it on my website.  Besides, if she un-nominates me, she’ll be back to a list of four recommendations of her own and then her nominator will have to take back Liz’s award and so on and so on and so . . . .
I could just . . . start another blog under a pseudo-pseudo name and recommend that one.  But it’s a pretty risky idea.  If my new one goes viral while this one stays small, I think it’ll hurt my feelings. 
In the meantime, I am delighted to pass on the Liebster to the following four blogs which you should definitely check out:
  1. Confessions of an Incompetent Blogger by Emi Bauer  (
  2. Teeter Tottering by Lynne Hartke   ( )
  3. Finejulery by Jules    (
  4. by Michelle Ayres  (
And when you’re finished with those, check out this one I found while I was busy writing this piece.  Hey, I’m ambidextrous.
5.      Helping Women Live With Purpose
Congratulations to all five of these amazing women and their awesome blogs.  There’s a little bit of something for everyone in this list, and I recommend every one of them highly, including The Writing Reader, even though Liz threatened to take away my Liebster.
Hey, you can take my dog, but don’t even think about touching my Major Award.  Some things are sacred.

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  1. Thank you Eula! Wow! A blogging award. That is fantastic. Couple it with my 3 year anniversary of being a breast cancer survivor and that just spells awesomeness. I will try to post the Liebster badge on my site, but ever since I switched to an advanced template with blogger, it has removed a bunch of my sidebars. I'm still trying to figure that out. Thank you again!

    1. You're so welcome! I loved your blog and blogging style the first time I read your writing. I sort of misplaced (okay, I lost it) the codes for importing the Liebster badge, but I've written to Liz asking for it again. I'll send it straight away and hope it'll cooperate on your site for all to see!