Monday, October 29, 2012

Running On Fumes

ThreeAndAHalfHoursSleep.  In the words of two-year-old Jules, “ho-wee cow.”
I just want to tell you—as you sit there googling terms that land you on my insignificant blog—this is all your fault.  Because of you, I couldn’t sleep last night.  Well, that and an afternoon nap and that cup of peppermint mocha I drank at seven o’clock p.m.  What part of “decaf” didn’t that barista understand?  And there I stood, on the phone with my sister, trusting Starbucks to check mark all the boxes on my cup so I wouldn’t have to question their memory, when Bam!  I get hit with two shots of complimentary espresso.  Wait . . . where was I?  Oh, yeah, blaming you for my insomnia.
On the other hand, when inspiration hits me, there’s no ignoring it.  I just have to say, “Yes, master,” in that zombie voice, pull up my laptop and wave to my husband as he heads to bed without me.  He knows I have no control over this.  It’s just best to let it run its course.
So I wrote til today arrived. I wrote for posterity. I wrote for the betterment of humanity. I wrote for public approval.  I wrote until my eyes began to slam shut. 
It’ll be fine, I thought to myself, as the words held me hostage, forcing me to put them down on cyber paper.  I had that nap this afternoon, I reminded myself, as yawns refused to come.  It’ll just take a while to wring the last drop of coffee out of my veins, I thought, and in the meantime, I’ll blog. Sleep is overrated, right?  Finally I crawled into bed at 2:30 a.m.  “Hi there, Caffeine Queen,” my husband muttered as I apologized to my despondent pillow.
Now it’s 6 a.m., my eyes are scratchy, my brain is foggy, and in a few minutes I have to get behind the wheel of a half ton pickup so I can play Follow The Leader on the freeway.  I don’t even remember where I’m going.  But that alarm screamed “Get Up!” and now I gotta drive . . . someplace.  All because I have an addiction to writing.  I would have thrown my laptop at the alarm and gone back to sleep, but now I remember why I had to get up so early. Why I just swallowed four vitamin C’s and a couple of One-A-Day’s.  Why I drank some caffeine and splashed cold water in my face. It’s my weekly appointment to walk with a friend.
I might have to give up walking.  I think it’s bad for my health.

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  1. Are you doing NaNoWriMo? You totally should. You're already warmed up!

    1. I came THAT close to going to a workshop about it on Saturday. But life got in the way. I was pretty tempted to do it, though.

    2. And so, my blog mentor and encourager, I listened to you, joined NaNoWriMo, and yesterday I turned in my first ever "novel" of 50,125 words. I won in 2012 because you encouraged me to totally do it. Thank you.