Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fairy Dust

Last May I wrote about her broken butterfly rescue, and what a sweet little baby she is.  Today—two weeks before her fifth birthday—she lost her first tooth.  And I lost a few tears. Is there a new way of saying ‘they grow up so fast’?  No one knows better than a grandmother how fast time flies with children on board, but with all this experience under our belts, not one of us has figured out how to slow it down.
Five years ago I impatiently waited for her birth—my first grandbaby.  She’s the one who made the name “YaYa” official.  This Christmas, four and a half years after we met her, my husband gave me a charm bracelet with five silver beads, each representing one of our grandbabies.  Five.  In four years. My cup overflows.
And tonight, a new Tooth Fairy will flutter past a sleeping angel, whisk away that baby tooth, and leave some sparkly quarters in its place. And while she has sweet dreams of growing up to be a princess or a firefighter or a mommy, I’ll be thanking Jesus for the privilege of loving Allie.
Sweet dreams, baby.  YaYa loves you.


  1. And now I'm all teary-eyed. What a sweet blessing. Those grandbabies (and not-so-babies) are so fortunate to have a YaYa like you.

    1. What a sweet thing to say, MrsH. :) I'm so in love with each one of them, I can't imagine life without knowing them. I had no idea how wonderful grandparenting is. Love you so much, friend.