Friday, January 18, 2013

Fortunately . . .

We are dedicated vitamin consumers.  I love chewy C’s and Rob swears by zinc. We assumed if we swallowed enough magic pills we would be protected from the common cold for three years running.
Unfortunately, this year our luck stopped running.
Fortunately, we only got mild coughs.
Unfortunately, his never went away.
Fortunately, mine did.
Unfortunately, my nose felt left out.
Fortunately, I’ve given it plenty of attention for three weeks.
Unfortunately, every store in Queen Creek has run out of Kleenex.
Fortunately, Rob’s nose never misbehaved.
Unfortunately, his cough made up for that.
Fortunately, we have a good doctor.
Unfortunately, Rob always surprises him with rare medical disorders.
Fortunately, the doctor is pretty good with WebMD.
Unfortunately, I am, too.
Fortunately, Rob never believes my diagnoses.
Unfortunately, he just canceled our internet.
Fortunately, I’m tired of playing doctor.
Unfortunately, that was an unfortunate choice of expression.

Get well soon, Rob.  Worrying about you is wearing me out.

(Photo courtesy of DBDuo Photography)


  1. Fortunately, it makes for a good blog post. Tell Rob to stop using his body to try and play "Stump the Doctors."

    1. Hahaha! Duly noted, duly done. Thanks!

  2. That darn Rob! But at least he didn't need Kleenex.

    1. There's always a bright side, right? :)