Tuesday, February 26, 2013

True Confessions

It’s time to come clean.  I drive too fast.  Sometimes. You knew that already?  Well, you faithful winepress reader, you.  Thanks!
It’s not right, though, and I feel terrible about it.  And it’s bugging me a lot tonight because—brace yourself—I drove like an idiot today.  I got in my truck, slammed the door hard (making sure my fingers were out of the way), and then I got out on the open road where I . . . drove too fast.
You might be wondering how an idiot drives.  Then again, you probably already know. Try to reign in your imagination here—it wasn’t that bad. Although some guy got mad at me and thought I was tailgating him so he slowed down to ten miles per hour and then I was tailgating him.  Then we were both mad.
So why am I telling you about it?  Because the Pioneer Woman—who just happens to be my blogging idol at the moment—said I shouldn't be afraid to embarrass myself by telling you humiliating things I've done. See, you and my most vocal reader—that guy with the interesting name “Anonymous”—are my peeps. I know I can be real with you.  It's good to admit my failures and confess that when I drive like an idiot it's stupid. 
So, if you happen to know that guy in the car who slowed down to the speed of . . . nothing . . . and made me miss that light, would you tell him for me—nice car.
You thought I was going to say something else, didn’t you?  Confession is one thing. Apologies are another. I'm not perfect, you know.


  1. I'm probably one of those you don't want to be behind. I got stopped twice within a couple of months for speeding and I decided I really couldn't afford a ticket and traffic school, so I slowed down. I've found the best tool for avoiding speeding tickets is the cruise control. :) Yes, I actually do it: I get up to the speed limit, set the cruise control, and take my foot off the gas. So don't ever get behind me or I might find myself featured in your blog post about the slow driver in front of you.

    1. So it was you doing ten in front of me? Now I feel REALLY terrible. ;)