Friday, February 15, 2013

Winner's Circle

About to read a book to my granddaughter, Juliet, she noticed the gold medallion sticker on the cover.
“What’s that, YaYa?” she asked, pointing to the sticker.
Hmm. Racking my brain. Not much help there.
How do I explain a medal to a two-year-old? Well, Juliet, that’s the Caldecott Award.  It’s an honor given every year to the most distinguished picture book for children.  See?  No, probably not.
“Well,” I began, “it’s a . . . well, let’s see . . .”
Crickets chirping.
“YaYa,” she pressed again, “what’s that?”  This time she put her finger on the gold embossing.
I knew I should have pulled out a Donald Duck book.
“Yeah, honey, well, it’s like  . . .it’s a  . . .”
Jules sighed.
“It’s a circle,” she said, and opened the book.
Oh. I knew that.


  1. This is one of the best things about hanging out with children. I swear it's one of God's ways of keeping us humble.

    1. LOl You are so right, MrsH! And here I am again, back in Humble School, round two. ;)