Friday, March 1, 2013

Where Your Treasure Is . . .

Allie showed me her bag of treasures today. Don’t you love it when a five-year-old with sunlight in her curls and stars in her eyes shows you the priceless things she’s hiding in a Sprouts plastic grocery bag?
I peeked inside. An earthy fragrance floated up from the morning’s collection of pinecones, leaves, and mysterious seedpods. 
“Let’s have a treasure hunt!” Allie announced enthusiastically.  “I’ll hide all these things outside in the backyard and you and Jules can come find them.” 
Well, how could we say no?
It was tricky finding the leaves hidden on top of the grass, but Allie told me if I’d kiss her on the head, she’d give me a hint. And by hint, she meant she’d point to something and not move until I picked it up. My kind of hints.
So little sister Juliet and I carried out a search and rescue mission and recovered every one of Allie’s treasures, plus a few more leaves that looked priceless, too. Pretty soon the treasure bag had doubled in volume and value thanks to the generosity of an orange tree in the corner of the yard and the amazing skills of Jules and YaYa.
I wandered over to the playhouse at the back of the patio and picked up a pinecone. That’s when I noticed a homemade sign hung over the knob on the front door. Decorated with butterfly stickers and a cheery red yarn hanger, I recognized its distinctive penmanship.
“That’s a nice sign,” I told Allie.
“Thanks,"she answered, "I wrote it. Do you know why it says Stay Out?”
I had no idea. She’s usually a lot more hospitable than that.
“Because it’s a mess in there,” she stated matter-of-factly.

You know, she’s a genius. I gotta try that at my house.

Treasures and honesty. You can learn a lot hanging out with preschoolers.


  1. I wonder if she takes custom orders. I could use a sign like that for our front door. Hmm, perhaps if I were spending less time on the internet and more time folding that laundry over there...

    1. I'll bet she'd be happy to make one for you. But does something as annoying as laundry deserve that kind of attention? Put your feet up and enjoy that baby girl!

    2. Good point. Laundry is silly anyway. It's just going to get dirty again after all. Still, I suppose that when I'm nearing the point of running out of laundry baskets, I should do something about it. Currently, I'm considering buying more laundry baskets...

    3. Hahahaha! Love the laundry basket idea! Girl after my own heart. ;) Hugs.