Sunday, October 20, 2013


Do you like a yappy dog? A happy dog? A snappy dog?
A lonely, barky, ratty dog who yaps so much it makes me blog
A whiny, grumpy monologue?
What makes an owner leave their dog to bark til I am in a fog?

If a dog is man’s best friend
Why don’t they bring them in with them?
Why turn them loose to bark until I want to shoot them (which is sin)
And then I must get saved again.

You laugh because you hear them, too, it’s like we both live in a zoo,
A zoo with noisy cockapoos and neighbors with bad attitudes – which I can’t help!
You’d understand if you were me and couldn’t see the sanity
Of people, nice as they can be,Who overlook the symphony that they allow in keys of D …sharp . . . .

I’ve had it! Can you hear me yell? At neighbors and their dogs from . . .
HELP me find some inner peace when dogs next door have been released
To do their best to wreck my sleep and shatter morn's tranquility.

I guess I’ve carried on so much you now are wishing I’d shut up
Since dogs can’t read it makes no sense for me to vent and vent like this
The only good it’s done today is make me feel I’ve had my say. 

And now I think, as calm surrounds, and dogs next door now make no sound,
In honesty, it seems to me that dogs and their cacophony
Are just the same as you and me - they share opinions eagerly 
And once run out of things to say
Recharging in the sun they lay
They’ll bark and bark another day
Until I’ve had . . .  




  1. To post a rant in rhyme not prose
    Is different than most I s'pose
    Yet when annoyed or sad I get
    Is how Ive best found how to vent

    Theres something to the sing song chant
    That takes the edge off any rant
    And lifts a curve to downturned lips
    And to your view symathies can tip

    As far as barking dogs concerned
    I hope your foes their lessons learned
    And harsher methods werent needed
    Your rythymed words they wisely heeded

    Tis never good to lose Salvation
    Over noisy aggrevation
    So hopefully your pent frustration
    Was released in written fashion

    And since it's nearing Christmastime
    I be amiss if in this rhyme
    I failed to hope and send wishes too
    For Peace on earth and sleep for you!

    1. Humbly bow I at your feet
      Your rhyme in time makes mine look weak
      Usurped, yet happy all the while
      Your clever prose doth make me smile!

    2. p.s. That stupid dog still barks all the time.